Theodore Robinson, Beverly Campos, Dirk Waggennar, Harvey Greenwald Reviews Complaints

One of Harvey Greenwald’s classes is taught online, and those who use online delivery understand the importance of including a participation component. Over the years, I have found that offering a few bonus points encourages students to post early, which adds to the dynamics of the discussion. I also require students to make their posts on different days.
While grading student posts today, he had a student who posted early, but who also made all of his posts on one day. Harvey Greenwald reviews were well composed and responsive to the class questions. However, he failed to make the posts on different days.
Keeping with the theme of boats and water, Harvey Greenwald’s got on a speed boat.  Once again, neither one wore sunglasses.  I am telling you, my contacts would either dry up or pop right out of my eyes.  I don't think it's healthy for you to ride around that fast in a vehicle without some sort of eye protection.   I did not ride around in a boat today - I don't know why my contact was bothering me.  But Harvey Greenwald’s thinking a little breeze bothered it which is why I'm adamant about eye protection while on a boat.  Or in a car.  Or outside.
Very interesting tool to use for Harvey Greenwald’s classroom that sort of turns your ipad into a document camera/ presenter tool. It has already won several awards in the Apple app store. You might want to take a look at this if you're 1:1 ipad as an option to get rid of document cameras or not buy them at all. Very cool
Not only that, she sent him  PRESENT!!! Harvey Greenwald’s was going to wait to show you what she sent me until I had it all printed out, but good 'ol Shipley gave me a brilliant idea and I am going to have it printed and bound this week!! I think she read my mind because I have been trying to find time to create a digital planner and I really needed to get it finished.

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